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Omega was established by a consortium of risk management experts who are passionate about providing advanced, integrated security solutions to their clients. The management team offers international security management experience. Significant successes were achieved in Africa and the consistently high quality of our services and standards is recognized.

The business philosophy of Omega is based on a thorough understanding of its clients’ requirements in order to present them with innovative and cost-effective solutions. A new benchmark was set by moving away from a one-dimensional service approach towards security solutions that encompass a combination of well-diversified service offerings.

Application of state-of-the-art technology constitutes an essential part of the group’s approach towards providing security solutions. The systems and procedures implemented by Omega are also aligned with internationally recognized quality management systems.

Since every client has unique requirements, every project is approached holistically yet individually. The client is presented with a distinctive, sustainable solution that encompasses strategic assessment, integration, customization and quality.


To be the most respected supplier of integrated security solutions to all blue chip clients in our target markets.


To provide world-class integrated security solutions to clients in our target markets by consistently exceeding customer satisfaction through operational excellence and innovation.

Our blue print solution embraces a safe and secure environment.








Omega does not merely adhere to, but actually exceeds world standards as far as its operations are concerned. We measure our achievement of operational objectives by continuously evaluating, assessing and monitoring deliverables. A comprehensive risk assessment always precedes an integrated and cost-effective recommendation with regard to managing and minimising security risk.

The services that Omega render are flexible and customised according to the unique risk and security need profiles of its clients. The group’s intellectual capital, quest for excellence and individualistic approach towards every project ensure that a competitive advantage is sustained, while our world-class processes enable us to align better recruited, trained and managed manpower with our state-of-the-art technology.


We at Omega believe in investing in our personnel as we understand that the security risk management industry is largely people-dependent. We believe in providing our employees with the opportunity to build a successful career and therefore provide them with the necessary tools to enhance their personal growth and career development.

Recruitment and selection
Omega strives to attract, select and employ the best possible candidates in the security industry and ensures that its personnel are strategically positioned to meet each client’s needs. Potential candidates undergo scientific and psychometric evaluation, which includes integrity assessment aimed at identifying potential detrimental behaviour. A profiling process to determine compatibility with the requirements of a specific position within a particular company in a specific country forms part of the assessment procedure. Thorough cognisance is taken of sensitivities within communities.

Training and induction
Our training curriculum is based on internationally accepted practice and exceeds industry norms. Basic training includes principles and procedures relating to the security industry, fire fighting, loss control, health and safety procedures, as well as first aid. Training is tailored to each client’s particular needs and requirements, while skills development opportunities include advanced, niche market and specialised training. The latter encompasses product, service, leadership and management training. A formal induction programme serves to familiarise our personnel with site procedures and the specific requirements of each valued client. Omega prides itself in providing wellequipped staff for every assignment.

Service conditions
The service conditions, remuneration and benefits offered by Omega exceed statutory requirements and the management principles implemented in the group are based on internationally accepted labour practice.


We provide public liability and indemnity insurance in the interest of our customers and the public at large.