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Omega Security Services provides dynamic, innovative security that combines cutting-edge technology with proven boots-on-the-ground manned guarding applications. From our comprehensive range of service offerings, we select the components which best meet your security needs to create a solution that is unique for your business. There is no one key that opens every door in your business; equally, we will not sell you an off-the-shelf product and services bundle.


Risk surveys are the basis of Arkhê’s approach to security solutions. We have experienced managers and they are able to identify and anticipate risks. Risk surveys and audits form the basis for careful planning, which means that preventative measures can be in place before it’s needed.


Still a key element in securing events, client products and premises, manned guarding provides dedicated, highly skilled teams whose physical presence acts as a deterrent and is an effective means of loss control. Proper planning and preparation – including scenario training – ensures that both operations and events run smoothly.


Technology increases our security and response ability when you need it most. Our Control Centers are monitoring our clients alarm systems and possible panic calls on a 24/7 basis to be able to assist you when needed.


Your security is our priority!

Arkhê offers armed response services to suit specific client’s needs. We have extensive experience in response teams to enable us to plan on the best methods to suit the task to counter identified risks. Arkhê’s armed response officers are well trained and we comply with all legislation.


Remote CCTV monitoring compliments the physical security guard at many sites. The offsite monitoring is a great help by using carefully calculated and strategically placed cameras. This can offer strategic advantages to the effectiveness of the security. Offsite monitoring clearly will not replace the onsite guards. The function is to oversee the onsite security procedures, check and enforce the onsite procedures. The control room offers onsite support in the event of an incident and prepare management reports.

The major role of the remote monitoring is to help the onsite team prepare an immediate response to what is happening on the ground. It creates the ability to filter nuisance alarms and inform guards only when required. This offers peace of mind to the client.

There are sufficient procedures and measures in place to minimize the possibility of human error and equipment failure. Arkhê Risk Solutions have been training the monitoring personnel to ensure that controller performance is according to predefined requirements. We will send transparent reports to the client and this should be enforced in the contract. Arkhê has standard operating procedures for the operators which can include, guard patrols verified visually, visits by supervisors, and reporting of incidents and actions taken. Spreadsheets can be compiled of Entry and Exit as per customer scope of work requests.

Arkhê Risk Solutions technical teams install cameras allowing for easy retrieval of images and therefor time is significantly reduced by searching for images using specific intelligent software. The systems installed have a high picture image quality which allows for clear identification purposes.

Built in intelligence line crossing and zone control that never sleeps will definitely contribute to the monitoring effectiveness. Video analytics are utilized to reduce false alarms and ensure the validity of the incident requiring attention. Video footage is recorded and preserved for at least 30 days for operators or clients to review.

Maintenance contracts are important to implement and this reduces the down time of any camera repairs or vandalism.

The control room communication is direct and only to specific telephone numbers. No cellular phones are permitted in the control room, many clients are therefore requesting the offsite monitoring as the operators are not easily corrupted. Connectivity is also an important factor and there needs to be communication redundancy in place for optimised uptime.

When security tasks are divided by onsite and offsite monitoring and based on the strengths of each, this would be the best route to follow.


Arkhê Risk Solutions have the necessary technical and operational expertise to deliver world-class electronic security solutions.

One of the leading products Arkhê promotes is the Avigilon Control Center, with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM), is the award winning high definition network video management solution that delivers full situation awareness and indisputable detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection.

Available as standalone software, or pre-installed and configured on an Avigilon NVR, the Avigilon Control Center is a secure distributed network platform with enterprise class reliability for capturing, managing, and storing high definition multi-megapixel surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage.

Avigilon Control Center records and manages both audio and video from the world’s broadest range of multi-megapixel IP cameras, from 1 to 29 megapixels. In addition, the system can accommodate conventional and PTZ analog cameras and both audio and video from a broad range of 3rd party IP cameras, and encoders from leading manufacturers. It provides the best evidence that only the industry’s leading High Definition surveillance solution can deliver while leveraging existing security investments. Avigilon Control Center provides the ability to build a hybrid system that allows a budget conscious migration from analog to digital. Focused on the needs of security professionals, Avigilon Control Center has a powerful, yet intuitive, easy to use interface that allows operators to efficiently evaluate and respond to events with minimal training.

Magtouch Latest Guard monitoring device: The Suga Blu

How it works:

• Security officer clocks points on site.
• All data is sent to the internet via the baton realtime with built in sim card.
• If there is any problems on site control can be notified immediately via sms or e-mail.
• At any time and from any internet enabled device you can login online and see your reports, or modify settings.
• Reports can also be automatically e-mailed.


At Arkhê we strive to ensure that we comply with all HSE rules and regulations and that our workforce work in safe conditions and a safe environment.

OH&S form part of our basic security officer training and we urge our officers to report any unsafe situation or risks that they identify. We ensure that our officers are issued with all required PPE for their job.

Arkhê have a HSE Policy and an HSE Plan which we implemented. We employ HSE management wherever we see the need to manage and train our workers for a certain task. Work environments can contain various threats to the health and welfare of our employees, customers and visitors. Identification and safe containment of these risks makes good business sense – reduced losses in productivity, and minimised liability in the event of accidents.


Arkhê Risk Solutions offer the installation of fire detection systems. These systems can offer all our customers protection against potentially devastating losses. Most often businesses must conform to fire detection specification standards. These are local fire system legal requirements. Arkhê has qualified technical engineers who can help you meet your requirements by designing, installing and maintaining fire protection systems. We work closely with world leading distributors and manufacturers to offer the latest in fire detection systems including conventional or Analogue addressable control panels, all types of smoke or heat detectors, call points and warning devices Strobe lights and sirens. Arkhê can also offer many different types of remote monitoring equipment to monitor these systems.

Fire detection threats can be identified when we go and do a “Site Survey”. The threats will then be presented in our fire risk analysis documents.


Arkhê Risk Solutions started a Pioneer K-9 project in October 2014 utilizing security dog´s in order to stop the high increase of criminality at some of our client’s sites.

It´s important to note that the quantity of attacks on posts with Patrol/Attack dogs has reduced from several a night to zero. No posts protected by the K9 unit have been attacked since the first days of implementation.

The results are so positive that Arkhê decided to offer this service to our clients in all big centra.