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Omega Risk Solutions’ approach to risk management is particularly applicable to extractive industries, which are a powerhouse of South Africa’s economy:
Omega effectively addresses each client’s security needs by thoroughly understanding their processes, threats and risks. Omega’s unique industry focus facilitates the integration of physical security, technological and skilled manpower elements into more effective, efficient and flexible solutions. Omega’s advanced methodology addresses mining industry related risks through a comprehensive integrated service approach, which includes detailed risk surveys. Once the identified risk elements have been prioritised, they can be effectively mitigated through the creation of a multi-layered security solution. Omega is able to proactively reduce the level of risk encountered by its mining sector clients by employing an online intelligence system to identify crime trends or hotspots. Omega also believes in sharing best practice in the mining environment, placing it at the forefront of security risk identification trends. This leads to the introduction of superior solutions to combat those risks. Omega’s success is measured in terms of client satisfaction, reduction in bottom-line losses, contract retention and feedback received. Each of these indicators consistently reflects its ongoing ability to develop and deliver tailormade products to address specific risks in the mining environment. Omega is also actively involved with local law enforcement agencies, and through our participation in workshops and crime prevention initiatives in local communities. The Omega Training Academy provides mining industry-specific training at all levels, including supervisor training and management development. The cornerstone of the Omega business model is building and nurturing long-term client relationships, which it sees as partnerships geared towards protecting its clients’ assets and helping ensure their long-term profitability.


Major plant and valuable component delivery security.


Perimeter security and personnel screening.


Stock management and shrinkage reduction.


Access control, manned guarding and perimeter security solutions.


Crowd surveillance, transport hub security and behaviour risk assessment.


Securing specialised storage facilities and ambient condition stabilization.