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Warehousing can be a weak link in the stock management chain from a security point of view. The volumes of stock or goods involved, the constant flow in and out of each facility and the need in many cases for relatively large workforces and vehicle fleets expose warehousing operations to a heightened degree of risk. There are also safety risks posed by the use of vehicles inside buildings and other potentially hazardous situations.
Omega’s integrated solutions substantially redress the balance by offering the following services as components of tailormade offerings specifically designed to meet the needs of each client, helping to prevent losses due to dishonesty, systems failures or infrastructure issues. Our warehousing security services include:

  • Risk management surveys
  • Access control and contractor management
  • Checking and receiving functions including full and split loads, as well as scanning of vehicles, trucks and loads
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Systems monitoring e.g. fridge temperatures
  • Fire risk mitigation through alarm technology
  • Stocktaking
  • Environmental Health & Safety, including hazardous materials handling and operations at height or in confined spaces

    Major plant and valuable component delivery security.


    Perimeter security and personnel screening.


    Stock management and shrinkage reduction.


    Access control, manned guarding and perimeter security solutions.


    Crowd surveillance, transport hub security and behaviour risk assessment.


    Securing specialised storage facilities and ambient condition stabilization.